The Role of the GPC

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As major contributors to New Zealand's economy and major industrials affected by climate change policies, GPC members have a critical role in assisting with policy development and implementing the appropriate policies and measures designed to mitigate or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The GPC believes that many New Zealanders have only recently become aware of the implications of the international commitments that our country has entered into.  Energy is an important contributor to New Zealand's economy and the Kyoto Protocol will, over a long period of time, significantly change the way energy is sourced and delivered.  The GPC will ensure these changes occur in concert with our trading partners and with the development of the Kyoto Protocol, and in a way that supports a growing economy.

The involvement of the public, along with all sectors, will be essential to achieve the least cost objectives of both the Government and industry. The issues are complex so there is a challenge to communicate that everyone has a role to play if the Kyoto Protocol is to deliver the targeted environmental benefits.

Since its formation in mid-1996 the GPC has actively participated in the domestic and international policy development processes, including the major international forums (Conference of the Parties - COP - meetings) held under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC). The GPC is continuing its constructive involvement in these processes and identifies the risk New Zealand faces from Commitment Period two obligations as a key focus for the group.

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