Full results of 2010 climate change survey

15 November 2010

The following are the full results of the Greenhouse Policy Coalition's 2010 survey of public opinion on climate change and the Emissions Trading Scheme.  The results are divided into 12 separate files for easy download.

Section 1: Demographic breakdown of respondents (449 Kb)

Section 2: Issues of greatest concern to respondents (434 Kb)

Section 3: Climate change beliefs (539 Kb)

Section 4: Views on ETS and emission reduction targets (977 Kb)

Section 5: Views on ETS costs (893 Kb)

Section 6: Sector entry to ETS and assistance for affected areas (629 Kb)

Section 7: Who should get carbon credits? (947 Kb)

Section 8: What should employers do? (766 Kb)

Section 9: Views relating to jobs, standard of living, comparability and taking action on climate change (1.44 Mb)

Section 10: What people do personally (433 Kb)

Section 11: What people do personally relative to ETS attitudes (475 Kb)

Section 12: Conclusions (270 Kb)


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