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ETS review findings would increase costs to consumers and businesses

15 September 2011

The recommendations of the ETS review panel would increase the cost of the scheme to consumers and businesses after next year, and are not supported by public opinion, according to the sponsors of an annual survey of climate change opinion.

“The ETS review panel, whose report was released today, recommends phasing out transitional support measures from 2013-2015 on the basis that conditions are right for New Zealand to place a greater carbon cost on the economy – on businesses and consumers. This effective hardening of the scheme is based on an over-optimistic reading of international conditions, including an expectation that other countries will bring in carbon pricing, which is by no means certain,” says Greenhouse Policy Coalition Executive Director, David Venables.

“The recommendations are also at odds with Government comments that the lack of international action on climate change supports continued moderation of the scheme. This moderation should be a continuation of the existing transitional assistance measures at their current levels beyond 2012 and not the phase-out recommended by the Panel.

“The Government has made it plain that the stepping up of the scheme in 2013 and the addition of further sectors is conditional on substantive progress being made in other countries, particularly our major trading partners like Australia. Australia is only now introducing legislation, with no certainty of it passing or surviving.

“The review panel’s recommendations are also not supported by the general public as our 2011 climate change survey results show,” David Venables says.

“The Government says it will carefully consider its response to the review recommendations and we would urge that this involve wide consultation with stakeholders.”

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David Venables, Executive Director, 04 473 0600 or 027 848 2368


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