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Emissions Trading Scheme should be suspended

4 May 2008

The executive director of the Greenhouse Policy Coalition, representing the energy intensive sector on climate change issues, today called on the Select Committee reviewing the emissions trading scheme (ETS) to suspend the introduction of the industrial sector into the scheme, until such time as the flawed legislation has been properly reviewed and fixed.

She noted that the Act required more than a few tweaks to ensure we do not lose jobs and new investment in our economy, in what are very challenging economic times.

“The Greenhouse Policy Coalition urges the Select Committee to give close attention to the significant concerns being raised by all the productive sectors of the economy, which are those that contribute the most to New Zealand’s export earnings, employment and general standard of living.”

A review of submissions shows that those that are the largest employers and revenue earners in the country are still fearful that unless significant changes are made to the Act, new investment and existing investment will decline, taking jobs out of the economy and forcing industry closure.

Catherine Beard says it would be a concern to the productive sector if claims by groups like the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development that “business people want multi-party emissions trading deal within next 6 months” were given much weight, when they were based on internet based surveys (opt-in) and in this case the opinions of 482 anonymous “business leaders”. “Who are these business leaders and what sorts of business do they lead?”

Catherine Beard says the views that should carry the most weight in the attempt to craft a better climate change policy response for New Zealand should be the views of those that generate the majority of employment and GDP in New Zealand, not those that stand to gain from an ETS by clipping the ticket.

Attached is a summary of a selection of submissions from the productive sector. It is not comprehensive and will be added to once more submissions are posted on the Parliamentary website.

For Further information contact;

Catherine Beard, Executive Director, Greenhouse Policy Coalition, Mob 0274 633 212, or 04 389 0544

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