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Recent Papers and Submissions

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GPC submission on restricting use of industrial gas CERs in the NZETS, October 2011 (PDF - 266k)

GPC submission on review of the Emissions Trading Scheme, April 2011

GPC submission on Gazetting a 2050 Emissions Reduction Target, February 2011 (PDF - 195k)

GPC submission on Environmental Protection Authority Bill, January 2011 (PDF - 139k)

GPC submission on NZ Energy Strategy and NZ Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy, September 2010 (PDF - 147k)

GPC submission on the Regulatory Responsibility Bill, August 2010 (PDF - 143k)

Survey on public attitudes to climate change and the emissions trading scheme (Nov 2009, 17 pages).

GPC submission to the Minister on an emission reduction target for NZ by 2020 (7 pages, August 2009).

Economic analysis of 40% emission reduction target by 2020 - Infometrics July 2009 (4 pages)

Castalia Peer Review of the NZIER/Infometrics Regulatory Impact Assessment for the Select Committee Review of ETS - June 2009 (5 pages)

GPC Submission to the Select Committee Review of the Emissions Trading Scheme - April 2009

GPC Briefing to an incoming government on climate change policy - December 2008

Castalia peer review of the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) report "The economic opportunities arising from emissions trading: The major cost of delay" (PDF 133KB)

Submission on the Climate Change (Emissions Trading and Renewable Preference) Bill, March 2008

Castalia Review of Emissions Trading Bill Jan 2008

Castalia Report - The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: How do we make it work?

GPC submission on agriculture/forestry policy
(MS Word, 647KB)

GPC submission on climate change policy
(MS Word, 753KB)

GPC submission on energy policy
(MS Word, 667KB)

LECG Report; Costs to consumers of a narrow based emissions trading scheme in the NZ electricity market
(PDF, 1.36MB)

ACIL Tasman report - Electricity generation from renewable energy sources
(PDF, 1.74MB)

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