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About Us

When going through papers and interesting reads for her ESL classes, a teacher found herself reading through a few interesting articles on sustainability and innovation. Hundreds of pages opened up to her, as she went in deeper seeking to find the best and most reliable information.  Educating herself soon started to seem like a selfish thing to do.

She realized there was a huge field being updated each day, with all the advancements made by innovative initiatives all over the world. Being a kiwi, her interest in preserving nature and helping protect the environment runs in her blood.

So, one day she decided it would be ideal to set up a small web space to spread the word about these huge initiatives.

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That is when this magazine was born, and those are the reasons that keep it going every day.

She believes the readers need to be informed to encourage environmental awareness, in addition to providing people all over the world with encouragement to change their lives for the better, a noble task our founder takes on each day.

By making sure all the content is trustworthy and perfectly truthful, our founder went from being just an ESL teacher to be a driving force for changing the world. Using the best tools to reach as many people as possible, she shares relevant information to help readers reduce their pollution levels and become more ecofriendly.