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Top 5 Sustainable Companies

In order to keep up with the changing times and become more sustainable, several companies in the world have committed to renewing their whole structure. At Greenhouse Policy Coalition we believe it is important to encourage and support these companies, so we would like to tell you a bit about some of them. Take a look at this shortlist.


Featured image Top 5 Sustainable Companies Pureology - Top 5 Sustainable Companies

This brand dedicated to haircare keeps a close eye on every single part of the processes involved in the creation of their products. From the manufacturing process for the packaging, which uses less than 40% water.

Even ensuring their packaging is made up of 50% recyclable materials. Additionally, they use only vegan ingredients in their formulas. 


Featured image Top 5 Sustainable Companies Levis - Top 5 Sustainable Companies

This company has come up with a program that has reduced its manufacturing process’ water use by over 95%. Moreover, Levi’s offers its US and UK customers the option of taking their items to any of the brand’s stores.

All of these measures devised with the aim of recycling, repurposing or even reusing any of the used clothes or shoes they have available.

Karen Murrell

Featured image Top 5 Sustainable Companies Karen Murrell - Top 5 Sustainable Companies

For environment lovers that love quality lipsticks, this company is the best in the market. Karren Murrel has a completely transparent process that offers the possibility to trace every single material, ingredient and packaging to renewable sources.

They do not use animals in their testing nor any animal products, in addition to recyclable packaging.


Featured image Top 5 Sustainable Companies Trilogy - Top 5 Sustainable Companies

This kiwi brand is dedicated to skincare and has NATRUE Natural Cosmetics Certification. The brand ensures 100% environmentally friendly processes, using only organic ingredients. Although this company has been expanding constantly, it has maintained its high levels of commitment to be ethical and environmentally responsible.


Featured image Top 5 Sustainable Companies Barkers - Top 5 Sustainable Companies

Another kiwi company which is focused on protecting the environment, with plans such as an endorsement for the planting of trees in the Coromandel.

Barkers take their commitments very seriously, supervising in close contact with all their factories, so their standards of quality and ethics are respected. Additionally, all of their products are entirely sustainable.

These companies are a testament to the fact that you do not have to sacrifice quality nor commodities in your endeavours to protect the environment and stop climate change. Be eco-friendly while taking care of your hair and skin, wearing your favourite jeans or even looking dashing with a beautiful lipstick. The possibilities are endless and sustainable.

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