Featured image 4 Facts about Green IT - 4 Facts about Green IT

4 Facts about Green IT

There is a trend referred to as Green IT or Green Computing, which entails the minimization of the environmental impact of computing technologies.

We would like to lay out the facts so you can contrast how Green IT companies such as Casino nugget, are better for the environment than any of the highly polluting industrial businesses.

Greener Companies

Featured image 4 Facts about Green IT Greener Companies - 4 Facts about Green IT

Since the creation of Energy Star, the IT-related companies have been slowly migrating towards systems that function with low energy. An excellent example can be seen in IBM and Hewlett-Packard’s applications for database energy management.

The computation companies have also developed algorithms and protocols automating energy saving rates.

Reuse and Recycle

Featured image 4 Facts about Green IT Reuse and Recycle - 4 Facts about Green IT

With all the hardware used by computing companies being updated at an alarming speed, the Green IT tendency focuses on turning to reuse options. Many companies have taken steps to sponsor initiatives encouraging customers to turn in the hardware they are no longer using, enabling the companies to reuse them.

Virtual Data Bases

Featured image 4 Facts about Green IT Virtual Data Bases - 4 Facts about Green IT

Green IT also works hand in hand with businesses to help them reduce environmental impacts in their database processes. Long gone are the days where the databases consisted of huge folders with paper, which had the outcome of increased deforestation.

Green IT provides low energy computing resources to keep those databases green.

Cloud Storage

Featured image 4 Facts about Green IT Cloud Storage - 4 Facts about Green IT

The cloud can be described very basically as virtual hard drives. And we all know what it is like running out of space on our hard drives and having to go get another one, a bigger one. Maybe we just need an external hard drive because we travel too much.

This is an alternative to using more hardware to keep more data. Virtualizing the storage alternative for users all over the world has helped keep the information available wherever they go.

However, it has also allowed eliminating the amount of waste generated by individuals having to acquire increasing amounts of hardware to store data.

These alternatives to the highly polluting industries not only create jobs and push technology advancements forward, but also protect the environment. Making sure you take the more eco-friendly routes, the Green IT initiative has your back as well as the Earth’s. Everybody is happy and our planet will always thank you.

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