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As the influx of new information about innovative tendencies is relentless, we constantly work hard to keep up with it all. The idea is to always provide updated content within the articles written for this magazine’s readers, raise awareness and discuss the policies adopted especially in New Zealand.

If you too are a passionate Kiwi, in love with the environment surrounding you, we might have a place for your work in our magazine.

You might have come across a few of our articles and done your own research, to elaborate on certain subjects that caught your eye. Don’t keep that valuable information to yourself.

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We’re open to including new writers with fresh perspectives and new knowledge. You can put both your interests and your writing skills to good use with us, making a difference by sharing any findings you come across.

The only requirement is that they stick to the subjects we are all about. Educate others while educating yourself.

Should you find you meet these requirements, all you must do is contact us through the means presented in our Contact Us page. Our team will evaluate your request and make sure you are well prepared with a small induction on how to write and upload content.

It’s easy and you won’t be asked for experience nor university degrees to back up your skills.

Show us a little sample of what you have in mind, just a short preview of any article you wish to share in our magazine. This will give us a better idea of how you are prepared to join our team and begin writing for us.

Once approved, you will have our full endorsement and will be provided with the tools you need to do your job in the best way possible. Don’t hesitate, send your application today and enjoy yourself while writing for a fun, welcoming and driven team. Enjoy the advantages of working with us and helping others improve their lives, along with protecting the environment.